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At the RJ Jennings Group we focus on developing and cultivating Skillful Interaction. What do we mean by that?  Skillful interactions are all about choice. In the face of a potentially difficult conversation, we often experience an extremely limited number of choices, due to basic fight, flight or freeze reactions, whether at the conference room table, in traffic, or dealing with pressures at home.  Sometimes our reactions can be useful, but mostly not; they can lead to misunderstandings, lack of focus, inter-office disagreements, reluctance to take risks, loss of productivity, or lack of life balance. The list goes on...

We focus on helping individuals cultivate the ability to exercise real choice and experience true leadership. We work with you to identify practices and exercises to allow you to access more skillful choices when triggered. As many studies have confirmed, we recognize that practice is intimately linked to learning. We introduce you to a suite of practices born from Aikido (a Japanese martial art), Mindfulness and Organizational Connection. Through movement practices we reconnect you with the intelligence in the body, so you can effectively access all of your "brains" - head(thinking), heart(compassion), gut(instinctual courage).

We work with you to embody leadership qualities which enhance your way of being in all areas of your life.






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Areas of Practice

Executive coaching

RJ's approach to executive coaching is grounded in his deep knowledge of embodiment and somatic possibilities.  He is known for inspiring and supporting transformation in how leaders see themselves, and how others see them thru the Embodiment of Executive Presence and the opportunities they have to impact their organizations and widening their circles of influence.

Executives leave RJ's coaching with the shape of inspiration and the ability to bring your message to the world.

  • Develop Executive Leadership presence that inspires trust

  • Develop the skills to enroll the organization in a common vision

  • Move through challenging times with intention

leadership development

In group settings we provide insights and practices that enable leaders to step into their own unique leadership presence. This includes movement and exercises to develop the shape of a leader and to make skillful actions and interactions second nature.  Our approach supports whole leadership teams or cohorts of next generation leaders.

We see everyone from individual contributors through the management ranks as Leaders. Whether they are leading themselves, their projects, their organization - they must all demonstrate Leadership acumen.

  • Develop a strong organization with a common vision

  • Cultivate Leadership traits throughout the organization

  • Establish a Code of Ethics and Common Message

Inspirational Speaking

Against all odds, how did he get from the south side of Chicago to corporate America? His own story and transparency helps elicit that realization that anything is possible.  He created a vision at the age of 8 that has been unfolding throughout his life. The key to his success can be found in Maya Angelou's words, "You may not remember what they said, or what they did, but you will remember how they made you feel."

Whether you are using RJ as a speaker or his ability to coach you on developing your ability to deliver a poignant speech - you are in the right place.

  • Influence and attract multi-cultural audiences

  • Ability to engage with the audience in the moment

  • Motivate the audience to take action


RJ’s unique blend of real world experience, coaching background and somatic training make his approach to leadership development uniquely effective. .
— Brennan Culver @ CulverCo


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